Too Far to Say EnoughAllison Chamberlain has done everything God required of her—but as He continues to nudge her in the third and final book of The Reluctant Prophet Series, she is ready to say, "Enough!" Even with two Sacrament Houses open, the Sisters' secondhand clothing boutique making its debut, and the orphaned Desmond legally adopted, Allison Chamberlain receives the divine nudge to go another mile. Eventually responding with her usual reluctant obedience, she finds herself caring for a very young prostitute and facing the deepest roots of evil. Despite the adversaries who threaten those closest to her, Allison finds that she has not gone far enough until she conquers hate and learns to love as God does. No matter what the consequences.

You can't be afraid to fall.

Unexpected DismountsThe second book of The Reluctant Prophet trilogy shows that some are guilty of terrible wrongs-but everyone must be responsible for righting them. Allison Chamberlain is already taking care of five former prostitutes who are recovering from lives no tick-ridden mongrel dog should have to endure. And trying to adopt an orphan. And coping with feelings she didn't know she had in her.
But along the way, she experiences unexpected dismounts, as every Harley owner who risks the ride eventually does. A distant relative challenges the adoption. An influential businessman tries to block her ministry. A beloved friend is seriously injured. A piece of her past elbows its way in. As she picks herself up again and again, Allison realizes she just might have to give up everything she loves just to stay upright.
The Reluctant ProphetAllison Chamberlain isn't much different from other women her age. Forty-something, she still hasn't quite figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. All that changes when, minding her own business during an ordinary church service, she senses a divine nudge from God. And it's not a typical call from God, either.
Allison suddenly finds herself looking at Harleys and actually taking the steps to have one of her own. In the first book of her new series, The Reluctant Prophet, popular author and speaker Nancy Rue takes readers on the ride of their lives to places only the brave dare to go.