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Nancy has blogs for adults, teens and tweens!  Check out her most recent posts below!

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to everything Nancy Rue! I hope there is something here for each of you, whether you are a reader, a writer, a seeker of all things Christ - or all of the above. And if you don't discover exactly what you seek, you WILL find my contact information so you can tell me just what that is. Blessings, Nancy Read More
  • So Not Okay - Join the Movement!

    So Not Okay is an anti-bullying movement for tween girls … and their parents and educators … based on the principles that Jesus teaches in the Gospels for how to treat other people. Read More
  • Writer's Workshop

    Save the Date! October 25-29, 2015 | A genuine, high-impact writer’s workshop! There's no popping in and out of class, no dressing up for editors, no worrying about appointments with agents. Just learning and writing, laughing and praying. Read More
  • Writers Mentorship Program

    Developing a writing ministry is like walking a labyrinth: once you enter, the path unfolds one step at a time until you reach that place where all the pieces come together into a whole. Nancy Rue’s Writers Mentorship Program is designed to guide you from wherever you are on that path. Read More
  • Now Available! One Last Thing with Rebecca St. James

    Tara Faulkner had always imagined her happily ever after. But her fiance's secrets are changing this story into one she doesn't even recognize. Read More
  • Sarah's Choice with Rebecca St. James

    She has it all... a good degree, an apartment in the city, a charming boyfriend, a good job and a chance for the promotion of her dreams. There's only one thing standing in her way. Read More
  • The Merciful Scar

    Guilt-ridden after a family tragedy at age 16, Kirsten attempted to bury her pain in her flesh and called it coping. But at 23, on the night she expects her long-time boyfriend to propose, Kirsten discovers a devastating secret about him. Read More
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'Tween You and Me | Nancy's Blog for Tweens

  • Good morning, Mini-Women! I hope your week is going GREAT! I'm still away at my writer's conference and I'm proud of the way you're keeping...

In Real Life | Nancy's Blog for Teens

  • Hey, New Women. I'm off at a writer's conference this week (and it really is more fun than it appears in this picture!) I thought...